Locally Owned by Our Customers Since 1921

Over the past 97 years, the Waukegan area has witnessed many banks come and go. One has stood the test of time: North Shore Trust and Savings has been Waukegan’s local bank since 1921.

For nearly a century we have operated with the same philosophy – Put the Customer First. Having strong roots in the area, this comes naturally for us. We have always viewed our customers as friends and neighbors rather than as a transaction.  Our employees are here to provide a service rather than sell a product. North Shore Trust tries to create value for our customers by offering exceptional service at a fair price. We are able to do so because we are not owned by stockholders but by our customers.  The revenue we generate does not go to enhance the value of our stock, it goes to enhancing the value of the products and services we deliver. That is why we can take the time to get to know you personally: we listen to your needs and wants and work together to find the right solution.  At North Shore Trust, we make our customers-not our shareholders-our first priority and that is what makes us a truly different kind of bank.

Committed to you and committed to the community

Since 1921, North Shore Trust has invested in and financed what matters to Waukegan.  We have helped countless families finance their first home, build their dream home, and save for retirement along the way.  We work hard to develop unique loan programs that will satisfy the evolving needs of the community. We strive to deliver all of the modern-day technology in order to provide the convenience you desire. We take pride in being part of the fabric of the Waukegan community and offering services that help local people and families prosper.

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