Daylight Savings Time comes to an end this Sunday November 6th

Daylight Savings Time Ends Nov 6

Aside from turning your clocks back one hour, many suggest also using the time change as a reminder to change your smoke detector batteries. North Shore Trust and Savings would like to suggest adding two more items to your semi-annual routine:

CHECK YOUR CREDIT REPORT It has long been recommended that your credit report should be checked annually, and your birthday is a convenient reminder to do so. However, given the rise in identity fraud and cybercrime, we believe it would be better to check your report twice per year, and the time change offers a convenient reminder. Your credit score is not only used to borrow money, it can also be used by landlords when applying to rent, prospective employers during the hiring process and insurance companies when setting your rates. Maintaining a healthy credit score not only gives you more opportunities, it also saves you money. That is why we feel it is too important to only check annually.
CHECK YOUR BENEFICIARIES Most people designate a beneficiary when opening a bank account, and on their 401(k) and insurance when starting a new job. However, circumstances change over time, and so should your beneficiaries. Even if you are not making changes to the named individuals, it is important update their contact information. Updating beneficiary information not only ensures your wishes will be carried out should something happen, it will also make handling your estate easier for your loved ones.