Checking & Money Market Accounts

Ready for… Easier, Simpler, Better ways to handle your money?

How you handle your money is important but it shouldn’t be a chore. Agreed? That’s why North Shore Trust checking is right for you and everyone.

Free Checking

It’s a simple but powerful idea: the less money you spend on fees, the more money you have to spend on the things you want. This account makes that happen, giving you unlimited transactions without any service charge.

Write checks, make deposits, or use your debit card as much as you like. Manage your accounts anytime, either online or by phone. With Free Checking, your money is always there when you need it.


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Premium Checking

There are plenty of “fancy” accounts with lots of bells and whistles out there, but they all cost a bundle in fees. Where is checking for the regular people? This straight forward account is just what you’re looking for.

Get all the checking and debit card privileges you want. In order to avoid the monthly maintenance fee, you can establish the direct deposit of your payroll, Social Security or retirement check or maintain a minimum total combined balance over $1,000 in your other deposit accounts with North Shore Trust and Savings. If you do not have a direct deposit or your combined deposit account balances go below $1,000, there will be a monthly maintenance fee of $5.95.


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The Premium Checking account is a variable rate account and the interest rate paid may vary from time to time. Fees may reduce earnings in the account. Ownership eligibility for the Premium Checking account is limited to individuals, sole proprietorships, and not-for-profit organizations.

Money Market Accounts

Here’s a sound investment idea: get a higher return on your money than with typical savings accounts without losing liquidity. This account offers you availability, safety, and flexibility.

Take advantage of our high rates that go up as your balance does so you’re always making the most of your money. Funds are always within reach online, by teller, or even by check!

You can make up to six pre-authorized withdrawals during each monthly statement period*. Interest is credited monthly, and detailed monthly statements are provided. Additional features include direct deposit and access through our online banking and telephone banking systems.

Want to earn more interest on your larger balances?

North Shore also offers a Premium Money Market account for customers who maintain an account balance over $75,000.

  • Better return than regular savings account
  • Tiered rate structure rewards higher balances
  • Earnings compounded monthly, paid monthly
  • Automatic transfers available to help you save
  • 6 free withdrawals per month*
  • Free online banking
  • Free eStatements
  • $1,000 deposit to open
  • FDIC Insured

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Overdraft Protection

We all make mistakes; we’re not perfect. To make your life a little easier during those less than perfect moments, North Shore Trust and Savings offers you two options to protect against overdrafts.

North Shore Trust and Savings will extend you a personal line of credit to cover your overdraft situations. This credit line automatically makes a deposit to your checking account, in increments of $100, to cover any overdraft up to the amount of your available credit. The line of credit allows you more available funds to pay checks, automatic or pre-authorized debits, or ATM / Debit Card transactions. The Overdraft Protection Line of Credit’s annual fee of $15 is cheaper than one NSF charge and is waived for the first year!

Don’t want a line-of-credit- we also offer the option of tranferring funds from your, statement savings, money market or another checking account. That is why we offer Draws. Now you can tell us to take money from a specific Checking, Statement Savings or Money Market account, in increments of $100, to cover any overdrafts that may occur in your checking account. Draws are assessed a transaction fee of $5 for each transfer and are limited to the available funds and withdrawal limitations of the donor account.

MasterCard® Debit Cards

A North Shore Trust and Savings  Debit Card is a convenient way to pay for purchases without the hassle of writing a check or carrying cash. You use it as a check or like a credit card to make purchase at merchants locally and worldwide, online or at ATM machines to withdraw money, make deposits, transfer funds and much more. When you use your no-annual-fee debit card, the purchase amount is automatically debited from your North Shore Trust checking account.

If your card has been lost or stolen please report it immediately by calling 24/7 — 1-800-472-3272 .