Full Service ATMs

North Shore Trust and Savings’ ATMs offer no-envelope ATMs as a convenient, quick solution for on-the-go banking. The ATMs at each of our offices provide North Shore Trust and Savings customers with 24×7 access to the most commonly performed transactions.   Card holders can get cash, transfer funds, check balances and make deposits.

Save Time

  • Conduct the most common banking transaction 24x7x365, when it is most convenient for you
  • Easy to follow on-screen prompts allow for quick visits. The average stop last less than one minute!
  • No need to fill out a deposit or withdrawal slip.
  • Less waiting – deposits made before 8 p.m. CT on regular business days will be posted to your account the same evening

Convenience through Technology

  • Withdrawal from your Checking or Statement Savings Account
  • Transfer money between your linked North Shore Trust and Savings accounts
  • Deposit up to 30 checks or 50 bills at a time into your Regions account
  • Images of all checks can be displayed on your receipt for extra confirmation

Know You Are Safe and Secure

  • You must review withdrawal amounts prior to completing transaction, reducing the chance of error
  • Can only access available funds, reducing the chance of an overdraft
  • Review and approve deposit images and amounts during every transaction
  • ATMs are electronically monitored to help prevent fraud
  • All communications of account information are encrypted and secure
  • Units are physical inspected daily for evidence of tampering
  • Each ATM is in a safe, well-lit location under video surveillance


Contact a Universal Banker to receive your North Shore Trust and Savings’ chip-secured MasterMoney Debit Card today.  Our helpful bankers can also demonstrate how all of the ATM features work so you can confidently utilize all of all of the machines’ convenient features.