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Over the past 100 years, Lake County has witnessed many banks come and go. One has stood the test of time: North Shore Trust and Savings has been Waukegan’s local bank since 1921.

For the past century we have operated with the same philosophy – Put the Customer First. Having strong roots in the area, this comes naturally for us. We have always viewed our customers as friends and neighbors rather than as a transaction.  Our employees are here to provide a service rather than sell a product. North Shore Trust tries to create value for our customers by offering exceptional service at a fair price. We take the time to get to know our customers personally: we listen to your needs and wants and work together to find the right solution.  


There certainly is no shortage of banks and banking apps to choose from these days. Each is competing for your attention, telling you why they are the best. We would like to take a moment to let you know how we are different.

North Shore Trust and Savings was founded in 1921 by community members with the desire to help others achieve the dream of home ownership. Neighbors pooled their savings together in order to make loans. Each depositor was considered a partial owner and held influence over which loans were made. Management remains focused on the long-term needs of the community and our customers.

Our employees take the time to work with customers to ensure each is well-informed about the products and services they are choosing. A successful interaction is one where you leave in a better financial position than when you came, not one where we sell you the most profitable product. It is through this approach that we have built trusting relationships, many of which have spanned multiple generations and led to countless referrals.

In order to ensure North Shore Trust is here for the long-term, management has strategically built a balance sheet that features capital levels which far exceed those required by federal regulation. This financial strength has carried us safely through The Great Depression, several recessions and a financial crisis. North Shore Trust and Savings has one of the highest capital levels in the state of Illinois and has earned Five-Star ratings for Safety and Soundness from and Bauer Financial.

North Shore Trust and Savings’ focus since 1921 has been home ownership and wealth accumulation for our customers. We continually invest in training our team and updating technology to better serve our customers, and we give back to the communities that support us through civic service and financial literacy programs. If you are visiting us for the first time, WELCOME! To our existing customers, THANK YOU. If you know someone who needs a community bank, please let them know about us. Tell them who we are, and let us show them how we are different.

  • 1921
  • 1932
  • 1950
  • 1980
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  • 1921

    North Chicago St. Business DistrictResidents of North Chicago’s 10th Street Business District pooled their resources

    to start the North Shore Building and Loan Association in an effort to help the community grow. The bank began operating on May 7, 1921, from the front porch of one of the founding families. For the first 15 years, neighbors would gather around the front porch on Saturdays from 1:00 pm – 9:00 pm to socialize and conduct business.
  • 1932

    North Shore Savings and Loan Association was established to help the surrounding community,

    a mission that stayed true during the Great Depression. Most residents had no extra money to save, and many were in the market to borrow. In 1932, North Shore became the 13th bank to join the Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago, providing access to lending funds. Business continued to grow, so expansion was necessary. In 1936, the first official North Shore office opened at 1101 Park Avenue in North Chicago, Illinois, providing longer banking hours and more convenience.
  • 1950

    North Chicago 1951During the Great Depression and World War II,

    North Shore Savings focused on supporting its customers and the surrounding community in this time of need. As the war was nearing its end, management realized a new economic and building boom was imminent, and the asso