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We believe saving for the future is so important that we made it part of our name. Let us help you plan and prepare by opening a Savings, Money Market, or Certificate of Deposit account.  Whether you want to establish an emergency fund or start saving for your dream vacation, North Shore Trust and Savings has the accounts for you.  For nearly 100 years, our dedicated bankers have helped our customers save for new cars, new homes, college educations, and comfortable retirements. 

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Some ideas are so classically simple they become timeless, and the Passbook Savings account is one of them.  If you’re interested in a straightforward savings account, the Passbook Savings might be the perfect fit.  As the name implies, you will receive a passbook which will serve as your account register.  Your balance, and all transactions will be printed in the book during each visit. While this process may seem to be left over from a bygone era, it still has a place in today’s modern age.  The passbook must be present to make a withdrawal, which makes the account nearly impervious to digital fraud.  This also means the Passbook Savings cannot utilize many of the convenience technologies we offer to access your money, making the account perfect for those who have trouble saving money! The account does allow electronic transfers and direct deposits to help you grow your balance quickly. An initial deposit of $100 is all it takes to open and maintain this FDIC insured account. Savings balances will earn a competitive interest rate, with earnings posted to the account quarterly.