The Cost of a Mortgage

January 9th, 2021|

The Cost of a Mortgage Since monthly payments spread the cost of a mortgage loan over an extended period, it’s easy to forget the total expense. For example, if you borrow $200,000 for 30 years at 6% interest, your total repayment will be around $431,680, more than two [...]

Tax Planning

December 10th, 2020|

TAX PLANNING You can legitimately reduce the tax you owe by planning ahead. Retirement Account Contributions By keeping an eye on the tax consequences for your every day financial decisions, you can lower your tax bill. For example, lower taxable income means you pay lower income taxes. You [...]

Checking Out Charities

December 10th, 2020|

CHECKING OUT CHARITIES Many people associate giving with charity, and donating money to help those who are in need. You can also make donations to organizations that support causes that you believe in. There are other kinds of giving as well. For example, you can donate things that you’ve [...]