ACH Helper

An ACH is a fast, easy and secure way to have funds directly deposited or directly debited from your Checking, Statements Savings or Money Market Account.

Your employer can deposit your paycheck directly into your account and save you the time it takes to make a trip to the bank and deposit your check yourself. Also, with an ACH direct deposit, your funds are immediately available.

You can also use an ACH to have many of your bills paid directly out of your account. This can save you the time of having to write out your bills each month and then dropping them off at the post office. You can also eliminate the cost of stamps and the worry of your checks being received before the due date.

In order to sign up for a Direct Deposit or Direct Debit, you will need to contact the company that is either giving, or receiving the money and provide them with the following information:

1) Our Name and Address:
North Shore Trust and Savings
700 S Lewis Ave
Waukegan, IL 60085

2) Contact Phone Number: 847-336-4430

3) Bank Routing Number: 271973762

4) Your Account Number from your checks


Statement Savings and Money Market Account without checks can find the number on your latest account statement or your last deposit or withdrawal receipt.

You can always call one of our offices for assistance in filling out any forms you may have been asked to complete in order to sign up for a direct deposit or a direct debit.