Telephone Banking

24-Hour Telephone Banking

Access your account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with your phone or mobile device.

With Telephone Banking, account information is at your fingertips.

Telephone Banking functions include:


Deposit Services

  • Current and available balances
  • Deposit transaction information
  • Current and previous year-to-date interest credited

Mortgage & Consumer Loans

  • Account principal
  • Rate
  • Payment
  • Transaction activity
  • Current and previous year-to-date interest



  • Last five transactions posted to your account
  • Confirmation of check clearings by check number
  • Fax back of interim statement detailing the last 30 days of history for both checking and statement savings
  • Fax fee $2.00 – Personal Accounts
  • Home Equity Line of Credit history


Transfer from any checking/statement savings/money market account to another checking/statement savings/money market account. (Some account restrictions apply to Money Market accounts. See your account disclosure for details).


Getting Started With Telephone Banking

  • Telephone Banking is as easy as dialing your phone.
  • Enter  (888) 533-6698 on your touch-tone phone or mobile device.
  • The Automated system will guide you through the simple process of obtaining account information.
  • Following the instructions, you will need to enter your Account Number: For checking, savings, money markets, use the last nine digits of the account number on your customer statement or passbook, (do not enter dashes or leading zeros). For mortgage and consumer loan accounts, you will need to add a five (5) to the account number shown on your statement or passbook.
  • Password: Your intial password will be the last four digits of the primary account owner’s social security number. You will be prompted to change this intial password during your first log-in, ensuring the confidentiality of your account information*.
  • Select your option: From here select any of the telephone Banking account options, including account inquiries, funds transfer and fax back services. For fax back service have your fax number handy.

*Please see one of our savings counselors if you wish to change your predefined password.